TECH BYTE: Market Wagon

(41NBC/WMGT) — Having your food delivered doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. One smartphone app is bringing your local farmers market straight to your door, let’s see how it not only benefits users, but the community as a whole.

Meet Market Wagon! The smartphone app serves more than 30 cities across the country – delivering food and goods from local farmers markets straight to customers. Market Wagon CEO Nick Carter is a fourth-generation farmer, and says the pandemic really took a toll on them. “Farmers markets were shut down, restaurants were shut down and it’s the small, local farmers who were really hit hard. So we saw that there was a massive opportunity and a big need that we could fill.” said Carter.

Third-generation farmer Samuel Carlton with RC Farms says the app has really expanded their outreach. He sells beef, chicken, vegetables, and more. “Farming on the smaller scale — it’s real tough. But through Market Wagon, they offer us to be able to reach more customers that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach.” said Carlton.

Carter says Market Wagon not only benefits customers, but it helps local farmers make more money by selling directly to them.

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