Tech Byte: Helping Kids Learn from Home

Not everyone is going back to an actual classroom for school this year. A lot of kids will be doing it virtually from home, making it harder to stay focused.

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo looks at how you can use tech to help your kids learn better from home.

The right tools for learning

Nathan Roach with Best Buy says kids not only need the right tech tools to learn, but they also need the right environment to be successful. He says there needs to be a good balance between what kids have to do for school, and what they’d like to do for fun.

“Making sure you’re not spending too much time on the games, and you’re spending an appropriate amount of time on the schoolwork,” Roach said.

Learning space

Students also need a specific space at home to get work done. The fewer distractions, the better.

“It’s critical that kids have a clean, organized environment that really is free of interruptions. If kids are able to slow down and really focus on their schoolwork, it’s proven that they’re going to do better, and providing them with that space helps a ton,” Roach said.

WiFi access

Having good WiFi is very important when doing most of their schoolwork online.

“A lot of kids are doing Zoom calls, they’re using Microsoft Office, other programs, so really making sure that you have good quality WiFi, which starts with a router. Making sure that your router’s not outdated,” Roach said.

It’s also a good idea to have a printer nearby for printing off assignments, copying, scanning, or faxing when needed. It’s beneficial to give your child’s eyes a break and have them read from a piece of paper instead of a computer screen.

“There’s a lot of assignments, especially when you think about math, other things like that, there’s a lot of things that it helps kids learn when they’re able to do it on paper,” Roach said. “So being able to print that out, and have kids slow down, and then, plus, it’s good sometimes to look away from the monitor, and actually, where you don’t get that eye fatigue, and so on.”

Using an external monitor, or a larger screen is also easier on their eyes. You just need an HDMI cable to make it happen.

“Hooking laptops or desktops up to a TV is actually really simple now,” Roach said. “It’s usually one cable, and that will push everything to the TV screen that you have on your computer.”

And if you’re still missing the devices, or office furniture you need to do school from home, just head over to

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