Tech Byte: Gardening Apps

A lot of people are taking up gardening, as more stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

In this segment Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo looks at some smartphone apps that can help you turn your black thumb into a green thumb.                     

Doing some plant shopping at your nearest home improvement store just got easier.

Gardening isn’t for everyone, but the benefits of having your own place to grow pretty flowers, and even food, make it worth all the hard work.

From Seed to Spoon Gardening

If you’re looking to get started, “From Seed to Spoon Gardening” is a good app to have on hand for growing fruits, veggies, and herbs. 

The app creators say this can make growing food simple. It includes growing guides for more than 100 vegetables, herbs, and fruits. 

You can filter plants based on their health benefits. And if you’re forgetful, this app will also help you with setting reminders and making sure you’re planting at the right time.

iScape app

If you’re looking to really go “all-out” with your garden, and you have space, the iScape app is a good one to have. This is great for a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to design their outdoor living area. 

Reviewers with Forbes say iScape helps you “plan out what to buy, and how to put it all together.” 

You can see how the project looks before getting started, design your space using 2D and 3D designs, and share your ideas with others for feedback.

If you’re not looking to grow your own food, or redesign your yard, at least having some nice flowers or plants can brighten your mood – especially right now.

ThePlantMe: Plant Identifier

For a garden that’s less work or just some simple house plants, ThePlantMe: Plant Identifier app is a good place to start. 

Just like the name says, it can help you identify plants, to see which one’s best for you. 

It uses AR functionality to ID any plant of interest in real-time and also shows you a care schedule. 

This also works if you already bought a plant, and need to figure out how to take care of it. Just take a picture! 

The app also includes a plant journal, where you can track how you’re caring for it, and monitor growth.

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