Tech Byte: Apps for Developing Good Habits

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo talks about what it takes a while to develop a good habit and break a bad one — and how your smartphone makes it easy to get started.

Done: A Simple Habit Tracker

The “Done: A Simple Habit Tracker” app can help.

First, come up with your list of goals or habits you’d like to develop — like going to the gym or skipping that latte. Then use the app to track your progress, which you can do multiple times a day.

Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

The “Water Reminder – Daily Tracker” app also ties into developing good habits. 

Most of us need to be drinking more water, and this app reminds you to do it, so it becomes second nature.

It calculates how much water you need, schedules notifications on when to drink based on your sleep schedule, and even track how many other drinks you’re taking in.

My Diet Coach – Weight loss

Drinking water is not only good for your overall health, but it can also help you feel full, and even lose weight.

And the best app for doing that is the “My Diet Coach – Weight loss” app. 

When you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to snack when you’re bored, and not even hungry. 

This app gives you daily challenges, tracks your water intake, and reminds you to exercise.

You even use it to keep a food diary, where you can track what you’re eating every day, and how many calories are in those foods. 

It’s all about taking baby steps. If you take advantage of this extra downtime during quarantine, you’ll have developed a healthier lifestyle when things are back to normal.  

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