Tar Balls Continue to Plague Alabama Shore

After taking a ten day break for the holidays crews returned to find thousands of tar balls on the north side Fort Morgan, Alabama, near the mouth of Mobile Bay.

As soon as people like Joe Maher scoop up all the tar balls in the sight, they return.

“It’s right back the next day. It is. But it’s also job security,” said Maher.

It appears he’ll have job security for many months.

“We get a beach clean and we’re thinking it’s done and a good wind comes back and there it is again. We’ll go back and get it again,” said Crowder Gulf Project Manager Wilber Ledet. “Being off 10 days like we were, got a little catch up to do here.”

Compared to the equipment other crews have at their disposal, like the PowerScreen which sorts through thousands of pounds of sand a day, workers on Fort Morgan scoop up the oil at a much slower rate.

“It being a state park we really like to leave it as natural as possible. So we’ll come in and do as much as we can by hand, sift it with nets,” said Ledet. “Seems primitive but it’s the best thing we’ve come up with so far.”

“I think we suspected that we would see some of this,” said Jean Larson.

The sight of so many tar balls isn’t going to ruin the Larson’s vacation.

The “snow birds” from Ohio say they’ve been coming the Gulf for nearly 20 years

They plan to keep that tradition alive as long as workers keep fighting the uphill battle of keeping the beaches clean.

BP says on any given day there are approximately 1000 workers in Alabama cleaning the shoreline.

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