Suspected copper thieves accused of stealing two ton AC unit

Milledgeville police arrested two men for stealing a two ton air conditioning unit, and copper wires from one of the city’s housing authority properties.

Terall Butts and Terrell Havior, both of Milledgeville, were apprehended Friday.

They are charged with theft by taking, interfering with government property and burglary, according to Milledgeville Police Detective, Anthony Henderson.

Butts and Havior are accused of breaking into 1135 and 1137 Oconee St., and stripping the homes of copper wiring.

Detective Henderson said they stole a two ton air conditioning unit from Graham Homes.

Police know the men sold the copper wires to Ace Recycle Center, but investigators are still searching for the massive air conditioning unit.

The theft was discovered, Wednesday after Milledgeville firefighters put out a blaze at the adjoining apartment homes, added Henderson.

Fire investigators have determined the electrical fire ignited as copper wires were being stripped from the Oconee Street apartment homes.

Henderson said arson charges are pending for both men.

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