Supporters anticipate President Donald Trump’s arrival in Macon

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) —Hundreds gather at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport Friday, in anticipation of the arrival of President Donald Trump. 

Supporters say it’s not about race or gender. It’s about making America great again.

“I’m a proud christian and I think this movement stands for the unborn,” said supporter Theodore Chris, a black man.

“All of his policies and the jobs he is creating make the world a better place for Americans and the citizens who want to become Americans,” said supporter Lydia Winter.

Supporters say with the election next month, they had to hear president Trump’s message.

Director of Press and Communication for Trump/Pence 2020, Erin Perrine, says the President has a great agenda, especially for Georgians.

“So those incredible manufacturers and agricultural products you get out of Georgia have markets to go to and he is making sure that our farmers, ranchers, and those in Georgia have an opportunity to have a successful business in that state,” said Perrine.

One supporter says despite what many may think, the President helped the economy. She feels he will continue if elected in November.

“It will help my dad’s business,” said Tipton Winter. 

Another supporter says the President also wants to help the black community.

“The platinum program that he is doing for the African American community. Like I said there are things that may have not been completely  implemented now but it us having the actual talk about it. Is what I think is very important.”

Supporter Hadleigh Winter says she was excited about President Trump coming to Macon. 

“It’s an honor being around him. It’s crazy that we are here,” said Winter.

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