Superintendent Denies Bullying Victim’s Accusation

(NBC NEWS) Monday’s school board meeting in Katy, Texas seemed routine until a man stepped up to the microphone to speak during the public comment portion. The meeting was recorded.

“My name is Greg Barrett,” he told the school board. “I was bullied, unbelievably bullied.”

Barrett told board members about an incident that took place in the late 1970s, when he was in junior high school, when his face was shoved into a urinal and his lip cut by bullies. He said the school did nothing so he went home, put a gun his mouth and thought about suicide.

“Because at this point, I had nobody,” he said.

As jarring as his statement was, Barrett ended his time at the lectern by accusing Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt of being his tormentor.

“Lance, you were the one that shoved my head in the urinal,” the man said.

He then walked off as Hindt shook his head and seemed to laugh.

The man who introduced himself as Greg Barrett’s last name is actually Gay, which is why, he said, he was bullied. Greg Gay said his parents moved from Katy for a year and changed his last name.

“My parents changed my name in the school — not legally, but in the school, to Greg Barrett,” he said.

He said when he returned to Katy as a high school freshman, the name change stopped the bullying but didn’t erase the pain.

A day after Gay’s statement hit the internet, Hindt fired back in a written statement.

“It was difficult for me to listen to a gentleman Monday night recount a bullying incident he said occurred more than 35 years ago… when an individual impugns my character and reputation as the instigator of those actions, I am disappointed because it simply is not true. I do not recall this person from my childhood,” Hindt wrote.

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