Super Blue Blood Moon is super rare and can be viewed in Middle Georgia

Good Evening!
Well tonight/tomorrow morning is pretty special to people who keep up with lunar events.  The event we are talking about is called a “super blue blood moon” and it hasn’t been seen since 1866!

Super Moon
This one has gotten a good bit of press lately, but it just means that the moon will look a little bit larger because it is closer to the earth than normal.
Blue Moon
The blue moon is the second full moon of a calendar month.
Blood Moon
A Blood moon is a total lunar eclipse.  The moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, making the moon appear deep red in color.

When can I see it?
As far as when you can see this event…well the super blue moon will be around all night, but the lunar eclipse (blood moon) starts in the early morning at 5:51am, but because the moon will set before the end of totality the best time for good viewing will be around 6:45am. Just remember to bring a jacket because temperatures are expected to be in the 20’s during the best viewing hours!


Happy Viewing!
Chief Meteorologist Cecilia Reeves

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