Study: Daily Shopping Extends Lifespan

Could diet and exercise be replaced by Neiman Marcus and Tiffany’s?

Shopping04_07That might be over-selling the point a bit, but a new study suggests retail therapy can be good for you.

Researchers in Taiwan studied nearly 2,000 adults over age 65 and found those who shopped once a day lived longer than those who shopped once a week.

They acknowledge that people who are already healthy are more likely to go shopping, so they accounted for each participants’ mental and physical health.

They still saw a positive effect.

“Getting out, seeing other people, having some time to look at something new that’s a great benefit to the elderly who may be a bit socially isolated,” says Dr. Leanne Chrisman-Khawam of the UH Case Medical Center.

Contrary to the popular belief that shopping is an exercise for women only, the study found it was older men who reaped the biggest health benefits from a daily dose of shopping.

The researchers didn’t spend time looking at retail therapy’s effect on the wallet.

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