Students at Porter Elementary get an out of the world experience in and out of the classroom

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Fun is always in one classroom at Porter Elementary School, thanks to Jayne Gammons.

“When I set up the room, I can sit back and watch. I’m the facilitator and they’re driving their own learning. They’re engaged,” she said.

Gammons challenges her students to learn with activities she created with the help of the Teach to Inspire Project by the Peyton Anderson Foundation.

“We want them to learn to do advance research, again with topics that they choose. The materials, the computers, the STEM materials really help us take on projects that take more time and we can go in depth with our learning,” she said.

Gammons is using a $10,000 dollar grant to teach students about ancient civilization in an innovative way. The grant has allowed Gammons to purchase laptops, materials for projects, go on field trips, and also buy a Virtual Reality System that one student,Gerald Acosta, loves.

“I think this is really cool, that it’s virtual reality and it’s not in real life where you get to travel all around the world to see certain places,” Acosta said.

Principal Cami Hamlin said Gammons teaches her students with active learning.

“You see kids just around the country just passive. They’re sitting and getting information, but this is making them create information, create learning,” Hamlin said.  “I think that’s really key to learning and keeping kids engaged.”

Gammons said one of her favorite parts about the grant are the field trips the students take. They recently took one to Amerson River Park where students built tools that people during ancient civilization time used.

“When we were on the field trip, I did think, wow if the board members of the Peyton Anderson Foundation could be here now, if they could have been with us the rocks, been with us at the pond, they would have really I think felt good about the money that they gave us, ” she said.

A teacher with many ideas, grateful for what she can do with her students.


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