Strong thunderstorms to move through Georgia late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – An incoming cold front will bring a line of thunderstorms through Middle Georgia tonight and into tomorrow morning.


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The cloudy skies will not budge for Middle Georgia today. Temperatures, however, will gradually climb until they reach their peaks later tonight. In fact, many spots likely will not see their high temperatures until it is almost midnight. Most of the region will reach into the mid 60s. In fact, temperatures will likely continue to climb after midnight, meaning tomorrow’s highs will actually occur shortly after midnight tonight.

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Throughout the day today we will mainly just deal with cloud cover, but a couple of stray showers will be possible. As we roll into the evening, we will likely begin to see showers and a few thunderstorms, especially as we get close to 9-10 PM. The line of thunderstorms will arrive just ahead of midnight, and it will move through the region leading up to the sunrise hours on Thursday. Unfortunately the Storm Prediction Center has upgraded all of Middle Georgia to the Level 1 “Marginal” risk category ahead of the storms tonight. Primary threats will be strong straight-line winds and localized flash flooding in low lying areas, however some small hail and a brief spin-up tornado cannot be ruled out.

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By the time the sunrise arrives tomorrow morning most of the region will be done with the rain, and some northwestern counties (Taylor, Monroe) may actually see a bit of the sunrise. Those in our southeastern counties will likely still be dealing with the back end of the line with a few scattered showers hanging around the central counties. Low temperatures out the door tomorrow will be the warmest of the week, falling only into the upper 50s and lower 60s.

The Rest of Thursday

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The sun will be back across Middle Georgia by lunchtime. Highs during the afternoon will be in the lower 60s for most of the region, but they will not stay there long (keep in mind the overall highs for Thursday occurred just after midnight ahead of the line of storms). Winds from the west-northwest will blow in at 10-15 mph with gusts still reaching upwards of 25 mph. These will be bringing in cold and dry air, and it will be noticeable once the sun sets.

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Skies will remain clear through the night as temperatures plummet into the mid to upper 30s across most of Middle Georgia.

Friday and Beyond

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Friday will also be a sunny day across the region. Only a small handful of cirrus clouds are anticipated to pass through the region. It will be a good bit cooler, however, as highs only climb into the mid to upper 50s. One or two spots may reach 60 degrees. Overnight conditions will drop into the low to mid 30s under clear skies, however most spots will stay above freezing.

Saturday will see cloudier conditions with highs only reaching into the low to mid 50s. A couple of isolated showers will be possible, but most of the region will stay dry. Temperatures overnight and into Sunday morning will bottom out in the lower 30s with many spots getting down to or below the freezing point. A couple of spots may drop below 30 degrees.

Sunday will be sunny again but it will be even cooler thanks to northwesterly winds that could gust up to 20-25 mph. Highs will reach the upper 40s and lower 50s, and overnight lows will largely drop into the upper 20s. It may be a good idea to drip faucets in your house or apartment Sunday night to avoid any complications with plumbing.

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