Strip Club Shooting Caught On Camera

(NBC NEWS) Security video shows the moments leading up to a deadly shooting outside an Indianapolis strip club.

The shooting followed an argument inside the club involving three men and 21-year-old John T. Doe.

Strip club workers were all familiar with Doe and sometimes even teased him about his name, which is commonly used for unidentified persons.

The video shows Doe leave the club during the argument. An outside camera recorded more of the altercation. Then the club’s 43-year-old security guard, who had been watching on the monitors, comes outside.

The trio involved in the argument with Doe walk to their car, then start running for cover. John T. Doe comes into frame carrying what appears to be a handgun. The three men make it to their car safely as Doe continues to approach them.

As Doe chases the trio, the security guard follows him, and when Doe turns around with the gun in his hand in the direction of the security guard, the guard fires at least one fatal shot.

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