Stocks affected by last night’s debate

Voters will have the final say but U.S. financial markets seem to think Hillary Clinton won the first debate in the presidential race.

Stock futures climbed and the Mexican peso gained, a reversal of trends as Trump has been climbing in the polls lately.

Investors seem to prefer Clinton to Trump as she is more of known quantity and they can place their bets easier.

The candidates offered vastly different views on taxes with Trump calling for cuts to spur hiring and Clinton vowing to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

West Elm is doing something unique to get its products in front of buyers.

It’s launching a hotel chain.

It says this will allow potential customers to see how comfortable and beautiful its beds and other furniture can be.

The first hotels will open in the Midwest and Southeast.

Caution ruled as money managers waited on the debate.

The Dow lost 166 points.

Another big factor in yesterday’s sell off was worries about the German bank Deutsche Bank, which is said to have a lot of financial problems.

Disney is considering an offer for Twitter.

Bloomberg reports a Twitter acquisition would be Disney’s biggest technology deal yet, following recent investments in Hulu and Vice, among others.

Any deal to buy Twitter is said to be in the early stages and could be worth 16 billion dollars.

Best Buy is doing something unique in its stores.

It’s working with crowdfunding sites to bring some popular products to its store shelves.

The products from start up companies will get their own section in the stores.

They will also be on the company’s website.

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