Stay safe from COVID during holiday season, health experts say

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— Covid cases are rising, and health experts worry that the cases will get worse as the holidays approach.

“We want to make sure that everyone is thinking about safety so that we can get through this holiday period and continue fighting against COVID-19,” said Michael Hokanson with the North Central Health District.

Don Avery — the CEO of Fairview Park Hospital — says just because vaccines have started rolling out doesn’t mean this is the time to let your guard down.

“I would not go to events with large crowds,” Avery said. “I would be careful about even family gatherings with more than a few people — I would keep it under ten.”

Hokanson advises people to continue keeping up with pandemic CDC guidelines.

How to stop the spread of Covid

  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance
  • Avoid large crowds and gatherings
  • Wash your hands
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces

“I know a lot of people are not going to want to hear this but if you are sick you should probably consider staying home and not going around family members,” Hokanson said.  “Especially family members that are at risk if you spread a virus to them.”

Also, Hokanson says only one person should handle the food. He says we should also keep foodborne illnesses in mind.

“A lot of people are cooking, a lot of people are ordering from catering services so you want to make sure you keep food safety in mind as well as COVID-19 safety,” said Hokanson.

Health experts remind people who plan to leave the state for the holidays to make sure they know the COVID guidelines of the destination.


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