State Senate candidate Kennedy responds to opponent Price

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – With less than two weeks before election day,
candidates for the race for the 18th district in the State Senate are taking jabs at each other.

John Kennedy has released a statement responding to what Spencer Price said Thursday afternoon at a news conference.

Price said Kennedy’s accusation that Price refused to settle a contract he had with the Medical Center of Central Georgia in 2005 was false.

The statement said the Medical Center was forced to garnish Price’s wages because he could not pay his debts.

“I stand by the court documents that are of public record showing that Spencer Price failed to honor his obligations and later failed to pay his debts which forced our Medical Center of Central Georgia to garnish his wages,” the statement said. “While having his paycheck garnished for nonpayment of debts, he was loaning his campaign money to run for this office in the State Senate. We expect and demand better from people asking to hold public office.”

The contract was for a $150,000 loan to open a medical practice.

Price was deployed to Iraq as a surgeon, and that forced him to break his obligation to pay back the loan.

Price’s lawyer said Price offered to settle the contract, but the Medical Center refused.

Price said the accusation was designed to attack his character and integrity.

“(It was) a statement that was patently false and designed to attack my character and integrity,” said Price. “The next night, at a political forum at Lake Wildwood, John Flanders Kennedy again made the same accusation after which I produced an affidavit from my attorney attesting to the fact that I had made an offer to the Medical Center of Central Georgia to settle the dispute upon my return from Iraq.”

Price went on to say the Telegraph had reported falsely that he failed to open that practice, which he says he practiced at for 13 months.

Also, Price announced he won a libel suit against a man who claimed Price had not paid his income taxes from 2002 until 2009.

He said the truth is what he wants, and that he has nothing to hide.

He will be donating the more than $140,000 he received in damages to charity.

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