Southfield Elementary holds summer reading backpack giveaway

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– A school in Macon is providing students with materials to extend learning throughout the summer.

Students at Southfield Elementary have been out of school for a while. But school staff is helping them out by giving them a pocket full of education.

Southfield Elementary School staff handed out free backpacks to their students on Wednesday.

The bags come with reading material and math workbooks to help students stay on track for the next school year.

Principal Janice Sharp says the backpacks will help students continue to learn over the summer.

Sharp said, “We have purchased these packs for our students so that they can continue learning. It also allows us to help close the gaps of learning for reading and make sure that they continue to have something to benefit them so they can be ready for the next school year.”

The backpacks are free but are only available to Southfield students. Parents can drive up to the front of the school and roll down their windows to receive a backpack for their child.

The school staff is taking measures to prevent COVID-19 by wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and not touching parents or students.

Mom of two Nulona Gordon, says that she is grateful for the backpacks and what they will do for her children.

Gordon said, “I really appreciate Southfield especially the school because some kids can’t afford books and it’s hard and some parents don’t know how to teach their kids because they don’t understand it. Just to keep their brains going so they don’t forget anything that they are learning and that the teachers are teaching year-round, as parents we really appreciate it.”

Southfield Elementary says they will continue giving out backpacks and fulfilling student needs for learning.

Principal Sharp says she looks forward to students coming back to school and hopes that the backpacks will help them until then.

“We’re still projected to be on target for students to start school August 10,” Sharp stated, “Everything is still in the planning period. We know that school will look different for students this year, however, we’re still planning to reopen schools as a district on August 10.”

The next backpack giveaway for Southfield students will be June 11, from 9 a.m. until noon.

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