Some Survivors Have Breast Cancer Tattoos Removed

“First I had chemo then a double mastectomy, then radiation, then reconstruction surgery. It was a two year process,” said breast cancer survivor Wendy Hoffman.

Doctors diagnosed Wendy with breast cancer when she was just 37.

She’s in remission now but still has the tattoos on her chest and under her arms that oncologists gave her to help deliver radiation to precise areas.

“It’s just one more reminder of everything I had to go through,” explained Hoffman.

Now she has the option of having those marks removed.

Dr. Michelle Place uses this Alma Laser to remove radiation tattoos for breast cancer patients.

It’s a simple laser treatment. No down time, no recovery” said Dr. Place.

She says the entire process takes only a minute.

Each treatment costs $75 but next month under a new program called Declare Your Freedom breast cancer patients won’t have to pay a cent.

“We’re offering to remove all of the radiation tattoos at no charge to get rid of the tattoos” said Dr. Place.

Wendy says she is still debating whether to remove her radiation tattoos.

“For me it’s kind of a battle scar” she explains.

But she can also see the benefits of kissing the tattoos goodbye.

“To feel more like your old self and have one less thing reminding you of what you went through” said Wendy.

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