Second Street construction helped by local business

For the past two months, bulldozers and other heavy machinery have blocked the store’s front doors.

Owner Nicholas Rizkalla says they decided, closing for a few days was the best solution for their problem.

“So we are going to close down just because it was going to be slower anyway so less operating cost for us to be open.” said Rizkalla.

Macon-Bibb County Splost coordinator Clay Murphey is in charge of the Second Street corridor project. 

“All the utility companies have agreed to do their work. We’re going to begin demolition in front on Saturday and we will start pouring concrete on Tuesday, finish the space on Wednesday.” said Murphey.

There is still much work to be done on second street but speeding up the process will help construction stay on timE.

“Yeah im excited, that the city’s doing this, yeah its been a burden for a few months but in the end its all going to be hopefully worthwhile for downtown and us as a business.” said Rizkalla.

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