Scattered storms return to Middle Georgia Friday

Rain and storms are back in the forecast as we head through the end of the week.

Highs will be limited by the timing of rain, but I still expect most of us to reach the upper 80s.

If you are heading to a football game tomorrow evening, you might need to grab the rain gear.
Saturday continues our summertime pattern of afternoon showers and storms.

Highs will be warming into the 90s for much of the weekend with high humidity continuing.
Speaking of the weekend…that is when we will likely see our next hurricane landfall on the gulf coast.

Tropical Depression Nine strengthened to a Tropical Storm Ida this afternoon and is forecast to rapidly intensify as it moves over warm water in the Gulf.
At the moment, impacts for Middle Georgia will mostly be increasing rain chances as Ida pushes east.

If the center of Ida shifts further to the east we will need to keep an eye on it.
Cloud cover from Ida will help to cool us off as it passes to our north next week.

Highs Tuesday and Wednesday will be held in the mid 80s with showers and storms possible for much of next week.

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