Scattered storms return Friday; All eyes on TD Fred

Friday brings another day of highs in the mid 90s, high humidity and afternoon scattered showers and storms.

Not much will be changing through Saturday, but at that point we are going to have our focus on Fred.3
The 8 pm update from the National Hurricane Center continues with the trend of Tropical Depression Fred moving northwest into the Gulf of Mexico.

This could go a few different ways:

1.) If Fred moves along the peninsula of Florida we can expect it to stay weak, but still possibly bring the potential for heavy rain, gusty winds and an isolated spin up tornado.
2.) If Fred moves into the Gulf undeterred by the land and friction of the peninsula, we can expect a stronger storm with a greater threat of heavy rain, gusty winds and spin up tornadoes.

As is typical with with these tropical systems, we are anticipating that on the right side of the storm there will be heavy rains, to the tune of 2-4″.

Where we see rain bands with embedded thunderstorms, we could see even higher rainfall totals.
And if all of that wasn’t enough, we are also watching another tropical wave in the Atlantic.

This wave has a high chance of becoming a tropical cyclone, so while we are not worried about it right now, we are definitely keeping an eye on it.
The good news (if there is any) with Fred, is that we will see a big cool down to go along with the rain.

Highs for much of next week will be staying in the 80, but rain will be possible each day.

As per usual with these tropical systems there will be changes in the forecast.

Stay tuned for updates on what we are expecting here in Middle Georgia.

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