Scams Targeting Elderly in Middle Georgia

Residents in Laurens and Dodge counties recently got hit with a new kind of scam.

Crooks are targeting elderly people and stealing their cash in front of their own eyes.

“It’s mostly with the elderly people. Someone picks them out, they’ll approach them in parking lots or open areas and tell them that they found a large amount of money or they found something that might belong to them…buy them into believing part of what they have is theirs but they have to be willing to pay something to get it back,” explained Eastman Police Investigator Gary Widener.

A woman in Dodge County was ripped off of nearly $13,000. A scam like this was initially seen in Eastman five years ago, but this second case has caused one person to be wiped out clean.

The victim described the scammers to be two average height African American females, both wearing large sunglasses.

There have also been two reported cases in Laurens County in the last three months.

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