Ride inspector: Rides safe, nearly ready for Georgia National Fair

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Georgia National Fair is back in town Thursday, and the fairgrounds are nearly ready for you.

You better strap in, because the rides are nearly ready at the Georgia National Fair.

“I couldn’t sleep I was so excited,” said owner Richard Reithoffer.

And who wouldn’t be?

Reithoffer Shows sets up all the rides at the fair.

“There’s a lot of energy and a lot of us are really pumped up,” said Reithoffer.

Richard Reithoffer knows his crews have been looking forward to this.

“To get here, be back down here at what we consider our finest fair of the year and we’re getting ready to put our best foot forward and make everyone have a great time at the Georgia National Fair,” said Reithoffer.

But to have that great time, you need to be safe.

“We’re setting them up,” said Safety Coordinator Jeff Alberts. “We have some already finished. Georgia state inspectors are out here inspecting the rides–we have our crews with them.”

That’s where Alberts steps in.

“We inspect every single day,” said Alberts.

After the state inspectors do their job, Reithoffer Shows doesn’t take your safety lightly.

“Lotta people think that we just come into town and throw them up–they’re made to set up and tear down everyday,” said Alberts. “The good thing about us is a lot of our guys run the same ride everyday so they have plenty of knowledge to inspect them.”

So take a ride and have some fun.

“It’s a blast,” said Alberts. “There’s nothing better than coming out here, seeing kids come with their smile ready to ride, and we want to make sure they’re safe.”

The Georgia National Fair is a safe place to be.

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