Restaurant Report Card: The Local Yolkal Cafe

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “We are breakfast, brunch and lunch, we close everyday at 2 o’clock we’re not open for dinner,” said The Local Yolkal Cafe owner Cliff Charnes.

Catch the sunrise it before it closes, because the Local Yolkal in downtown Milledgeville knows breakfast.

But first, here’s a restaurant that needs to step it up this week.

Cloverleaf Restaurant at 509 Central Drive in E. Dublin scored a 78.

They had clean dishes that were still dirty, the walls had food buildup on them, and some shelves in a storage room had rodent feces on them.

Other scores this week:

Fincher’s BBQ on Gray Highway – 100

Fish N More on Hillcrest Drive – 96

Georgia Bob’s on Riverside Drive – 96

Joe Bear’s & Son’s BBQ on Napier Avenue – 100

Kudzu Seafood Company on Third Street – 100

Pig on a Pie on Houston Road – 100

Shark’s Fish and Chicken Chicago Style on Pio Nono Avenue – 99

Shark’s Fish and Chicken Chicago Style on Jeffersonville Drive – 90

AJ’s To Go on S. Elbert Street – 99

Metropolis Cafe on N. Wayne Street – 93

Paradise Country BBQ on Old Montgomeryville Road – 96

The Real Deal Grill and More on West Andrews Street – 100

The walls at The Local Yolkal Cafe are colorful for a reason.

The Local Yolkal Cafe is in downtown Milledgeville.

Owner Cliff Charnes says you’ll love the menu options at the Local Yolkal.

Bright colors can brighten your day–especially in the morning–and so can great food.

“We have six different types of eggs benedict on the menu and we’re the only ones in town that do it,” said Charnes.

Charnes put bright colors on the wall and set the menu.

“Pancakes and waffles and things like that–your typical breakfast fare–omelets, we have a great selection of omelets but I always go back to the eggs benedict,” said Charnes.

The Local Yolkal Cafe is in downtown Milledgeville.

Eggs benedict is one of the many things you can order.

Plus there’s that perfect health inspection score.

“It takes a daily practice that you have to adhere to, checklists, to make sure that you’re dotting every I and crossing every T,” said Charnes.

The Local Yolkal is making the grade this week.

The Local Yolkal Cafe is in downtown Milledgeville.

The BLT XL has 10 pieces of bacon on it.

For all of your health inspection scores, head to the Georgia Department of Health’s website.

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