Restaurant Report Card: Nu-Way Wieners

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Tradition lives here.

“It’s a tradition–you have to,” said Nu-Way Manager Danielle Porter.

“It’s been around a long, long time,” said customer Miller Heath.

Throw some chili on your hot dog while you’re at Nu-Way Wieners and now, you can live.

A restaurant that needs to step it up this week:

O’Charley’s on Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins scored a 75.

The dish machine wasn’t using chlorine to clean the dishes, the ice machine had some buildup around the ice chute, and a slicer used in the kitchen to cut chocolate had what could have been dried meat particles on it.

For other scores this week, head over to the health department’s website.

Nu-Way Wieners has been around for awhile, but it never seems to get old.

“I ride the bus from Warner Robins to Macon and eat on Cherry Street, Nu-Way on Cherry Street, years ago–that was in 1956 when I started,” said customer Miller Heath.

At least, not for customer Miller Heath.

“I love their hot dogs and their hamburgers, but they also serve good breakfast,” said Heath.

Manager Danielle Porter keeps the dogs in a row, and the health inspection perfect.

“We like to keep it as neat as possible, we only have a short amount of space,” said Porter. “And we also have an open grill area. That’s where the customer–they can look over, they can see. So, it’s very important that we be clean–that everything is wiped down on a daily basis and kept clean at all times, all areas, because they can see.”

Nu-Way Weiners is going “all the way” as its famous hot dogs are making the grade this week.

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