Residents in Monroe County get a surprise gift from deputies

MONROE COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – When you see blue lights in your rear view mirror, it usually means you did something wrong.

Stacie Ivey said she was scared when she saw those lights in her rear view mirror.

“I was thinking maybe I didn’t go the speed limit or something,” she said.

Eric Ellison said he was nervous.

“I was talking to my son telling him I’m glad that we’re legal and didn’t do anything wrong. It was very surprising seeing three of you get out the cop car,” he said.

But, this time, people received $100 from Sergeant Lawson Bittick at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for their annual Secret Santa Cash Giveaway.

“For the third year in a row, we have had the pleasure of having a local person donate a certain amount of money,” Bittick said. “It’s a different amount of money each year. This year is was $7,400 and they wish to remain anonymous, that’s why we call it Secret Santa. ”

$7,400 dollars helping 74 people this Christmas in Monroe County.

“So basically what we’ll do is we’ll make traffic stops, if we see a home where it looks like kids are there, we’ll make contact with that person and wish them a Merry Christmas,” Bittick said.

Ivey said she was grateful for getting pulled over.

“I was very surprised, cause I was not expecting this at all.  I was wondering how I was gonna get Christmas for my baby and everything, you know and now I’m like really surprised,” Ivey said.

Bittick said it makes him happy handing people their $100 bill.

“As a Sheriff Deputy or law enforcement officer, you know, we have some good days, some bad days and you know it just always feels good to provide, ” Bittick said.

And the people in the community appreciate the Sheriff’s Office.

“I think they are wonderful and I try to teach that to my kids all the time and I thank y’all very much for what you do,” Ellison said.

Ivey agrees.

“I think it’s amazing because some people can’t afford Christmas for their kids and I just think it’s absolutely great that they would actually help out like that,” she said.

Residents getting ready for Christmas, all thanks to the Secret Santa Cash Giveaway.


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