Resident pushes for Macon sidewalks to be accessible for everyone

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Getting around town when you have a disability can be hard, but trying to get around town when you don’t have the proper infrastructure can be even harder.

Stanley Dale relies on his wheelchair to get him around town. A drunk driver ran into Stanley’s motorcycle and left him paralyzed from the waist down. But the accident hasn’t stopped him from doing anything.

“Sometimes you just want to walk,” said Dale.”You know you want to be somewhat independent. You want to do things on your own.”

Dale travels along Log Cabin Drive a lot. To the nearest store or just to get some fresh air.

“You don’t want to be dependent upon others to do things, or get things done,” said Dale

The sidewalk along Log Cabin Drive used to be connected, but after renovations at the Filmore Thomas Park. Dale believes the city forgot one detail. The county forgot to add curb cuts to the sidewalks, so people on wheelchairs can’t get on.

“I’m just kind of puzzled as to how they got to this point and forgot the curb cutouts,” said Dale.

Since there are no curb cuts in front of the park, there is no way for anyone in a wheelchair to get in.

“I could attempt to handle this situation in several ways,” said Dale. “I could try to turn into a daredevil and jump off the curb, which that’s dangerous because then I could tip over and I’m laying in the street.”

The park entrance isn’t the only place in Macon without curb cuts. Stanley wants to make sure sidewalks are accessible throughout town.

“You may have to sometimes go around an entire block, just to get to a corner that’s only 20 feet away from you,” said Dale.

Dale has let the county’s traffic engineer know about the lack of curb cuts.

“If we have curb cut outs, everything works out fine,” said Dale.

Dale hopes the county takes action soon so he can get out and enjoy the sunshine without anything stopping him.

Chris Floore, with a Macon-Bibb County, says the county is looking into getting those put into the park entrance. There’s not a specific date, but it is being worked on.

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