Rain, Rain, Go Away

MACON, Georgia. (41NBC/WMGT) – **UPDATE: THE FLASH FLOOD WATCH HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR OUR AREA** It’s Monday, and it’s raining…not exactly the best start to the week. However, we did receive some much needed rain in middle Georgia today thanks to Tropical Storm Colin. The heavier bands of rain stayed in our southeastern counties, with rain totals over 3.5 inches. Meanwhile our northern counties saw rainfall totals of less than an inch. Good news though – this weather isn’t going to last.

To the eye, it may look like Colin is just a giant mass of showers and storms. Unlike many tropical storms, Colin’s rain is wrapped around on the east side of the system. The center of the storm is behind all the rainfall. Tropical Storm Colin stretches from Florida to North Carolina. Tropical storm warnings are in effect for north central Florida, Florida’s coastlines, and the coastlines of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Winds from 39-73 mph are expected in these areas, which may result in a little bit of a storm surge.

Portions of central and east central Georgia are also under a flash flood watch until 6 AM Tuesday. I think this watch may be dropped before 6 AM, since most of the rain has cleared out of middle Georgia. There is a narrow line of showers pushing southeast from North Georgia, so we may still see a few lingering showers overnight – but the bulk of the rain is gone.

Tropical Storm Colin is expected to weaken as it moves across Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is predicting that it will become a post-tropical cyclone tomorrow afternoon around 2 PM. The track of the storm will be mostly northeastern, as it moves out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Rain in middle Georgia will clear out overnight. We will start the day tomorrow with mostly sunny skies, and this pattern will continue throughout the week. A high pressure system will be building in from the north, leaving us with mostly clear skies and warmer/drier air in place. Humidity values will decrease for the next few days. As the high pressure system causes air to sink, compress and heat – our temperatures will be on the rise. We will warm close to 90 tomorrow, but the real heat (temps in mid-upper 90’s) comes late in the week.

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