Pulaski County residents cleaning up after storm damage

HAWKINSVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Storms caught Pulaski County residents off guard on Sunday, saying it went from rain to tree limbs flying.

Greshian Humphries anticipated a rainy Sunday until the weather became severe later that night. She says “it took a turn without warning.”

“I’ve never seen so much rain come from the sky,” Humphries said. “It was just pouring when we looked out the front door. Like you couldn’t see out past my front porch.”

Humphries says after seeing heavy rainfall, she heard strong winds and limbs cracking.

“Tree limbs just started flying around in a circle,” she said. “We looked outside and it was something like we never saw. It looked straight out of a movie.”

Humphries says it happened so fast, by the time her family got to its safe spot — the storm ended. Now, she’s left cleaning up trees that fell in her yard and replacing shingles that were ripped from the roof.

On Forest Hill Circle, fallen trees blocked the street. Joy Jenkins says she heard nothing. However, after the storm passed, she went outside and discovered a tree had fallen on her cars.

“We came outside and saw a tree on our three cars — all of which are now totaled,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins says her neighborhood has significant damage.

“[There is] a lot of anxiety in this neighborhood because trees fell in my neighbor’s yard. One fell on my cars, the other fell across the street, and up the street — two of my neighbors’ pine trees came down, one house is damaged, and their water lines are busted,” Jenkins said.

No one was injured during Sunday’s storms. Residents say they were left without electricity for more than 12 hours and some are still without water.

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