Piedmont Healthcare conducts survey to gauge the health of local communities

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(41NBC/WMGT) — Piedmont healthcare is currently conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in order to study the current needs of the communities that it serves. The healthcare company is inviting the public to weigh in on the subject by opening a survey in hopes to better understand local health challenges and identify different health trends within each community.

The assessment is intended to be a measurement of the health and general well-being of each given community  — doing so helps in identifying and prioritizing the unmet health needs within each area. In performing the CHNA, Piedmont will be gathering and analyzing data, listening to the feedback of the community and stakeholders, and going over Piedmont’s past work in order to determine future opportunities.

This is the fourth Assessment that Piedmont has conducted since 2013, and the company says that this year it will serve as a foundation for developing their community benefit strategies.

“Piedmont exists to serve its communities and the CHNA helps us to see the areas in which our resources can make a positive difference in the lives of community members who are most in need,” said Piedmont Vice President of External Affairs Thomas Worthy. “We are excited once again to embark on this process, which helps us to deliver on one of the most vital parts of our mission.”

The survey, which opens March 1 and closes March 31, can be found at www.piedmont.org/about-piedmont-healthcare/community-benefit.

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