Pet safety tips for July 4th holiday

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– Fourth of July fireworks are scary for pets and local animal shelters ask that pet owners to make plans before the holiday.

The Bibb County Animal Services office says they see a surge in the number calls about missing pets and the number of people bringing in found animals.

Adoption coordinator Cson Johnson says this time of year can be terrifying for animals.

“On average animals are terrified of thunderstorms and noises like that and fireworks, it’s nonstop,” Johnson said. “Some people start it the day before and then they’ll start at noon and you can’t explain to an animal what’s happening or when it’s going to stop.”

Bibb County Animals Services recommends having a plan of action before the holiday.

Johnson said, “Our best advice is to plan ahead. If you know your pet is afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms, or you know something is coming, you make a plan. You have a crate, you have a way to securely contain your animal, and you have ID on them. I tell people to take a picture, have a picture on your phone so we can identify your pet, and try to get them settled early.”

The organization Pawz for Georgia shares tips to help pet owners prepare for the holiday.

Pamela Peacock, the founder of Pawz for Georgia, says making sure your pet has ID is key.

“Make sure your pet has identification on its collar,” Peacock said. “If your pet has been chipped please make sure it’s been registered with the correct information.”

Peacock says if you don’t have an ID tag, you can use a permanent marker to write your phone number on the collar instead.

Bibb County Animal services also recommend that people put their animals in a dimly lit room with a soft bed or crate, and play soft music to help drown out the firework noises.

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