Perry’s ‘Peaches To The Beaches’ brings shoppers from across the nation

If you’re hanging out in downtown Perry this weekend, don’t be surprised to see tents set up throughout the city.

One person’s give away is another’s treasure.

Perry officials helped host Peaches To The Beaches–a yard sale that goes a little farther than your driveway.

“It’s more than 200 miles of yard sales and it comes right through Perry, Georgia on Highway 341,” said Executive Director of the Perry Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The yard sale stretches from one end of Georgia to the other, and street vendors are selling anything from a stuffed dolphin to a baseball helmet.

Not to mention vendors like Ken McBrearty, who gave 41NBC a demonstration of his swiss-made veggie peeler.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re right handed, left handed, arthritic, it works super easy–designed for a lady who had arthritis in 1947,” said McBrearty.

McBrearty says he enjoys the community feel the yard sale gives him.

“And there’s a lot of traffic that comes flowing through here for the weekend, it’s really a lot of fun,” said McBrearty.

James Teal and his wife Tiffany picked up an early sale Friday afternoon.

“We just bought this TV for thirty dollars, it was for the church so it was for a good cause, it’s a nice day to be out here, and we’re looking forward to the whole weekend of it, God bless,” said Teal.

Jones says the sale is a national hit.

“We bring people from all over the country to come here,” said Jones. “We’ve seen people already this morning that have driven down from Michigan just to shop the yard sale.”

So it might take a little longer than a walk down to your front yard, but hey, who knows what you’ll find?

The event goes on all weekend in downtown Perry.

The prices were extremely cheap, so head on down and see what bargains you can find–you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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