Perry Woman Finds Grace Village

Grace Village in Perry is a non-profit organization that provides refuge for women who don’t have anywhere to go.

Bonita Mack struggled with an addiction to cocaine. Her use of drugs stripped her away from family and erased ideas of faith. When she thought she had hit a dead end, she found herself at the village.

“One of the good things about my using and my situation is coming to Grace Village, had I not come here to Grace Village and ended up going back to Augusta, there’s no telling what I’d be doing, probably be back on drugs.”

The organization helped Mack find a job, reconnect with her family and gave her a car.

“I didn’t think that I could afford an apartment, maintain car insurance and groceries. All my needs are met, I don’t want for anything.”

The program gave Mack her life back. Riley Hunt at Grace Village says Bonita is the organization’s poster child.

“She deserves to be helped because she’s helping herself.”

Grace Village provides shelter for up to 24 women and their children.
Basic needs like food, shelter and clothing are provided throughout a 90 day period while the residents learn to transition back into the community.

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