Perry finds answers and solutions to downtown parking

Perry residents have mixed feelings about downtown parking

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – As Perry continues to grow, so does the need for parking.

Residents have mixed feelings about downtown parking. Some business owners say there’s enough parking.

”As of now, it’s great. We’re having a good time educating our customers on other places to park and not just in front of our businesses,” MeMe’s co-owner Avoly Wainwright said.

Meanwhile, other business owners disagree.

”As downtown grows and more people come down here, we absolutely need more parking. Maybe a parking garage built somewhere,” Yes! It’s Consignment owner Suzanne Evans said.

To settle the debate, Perry Downtown Development Authority and Middle Georgia Regional Commission conducted a parking survey.

There’s 310 parking spaces downtown. The survey results indicate adequate downtown parking.

Assistant City Manager Robert Smith says the survey found during any given time 34-percent of the parking spaces were occupied. During lunch and dinner rushes, parked cars occupied only 48-percent of spaces.

He says the issue is that people have to walk long distances between their car and their destination.

”Our food truck Friday series, on average, attracts about 3,500 people to our downtown. That’s when there’s issues parking,” Smith said.

Middle Georgia Regional Commission gave the city some public safety recommendations because of parallel parking and speedy drivers on Main Street.

”Every three or four parallel parking spaces, you’ll eliminate a parking space. Then you’d bring the curb and gutter out to where the road way is. That really helps with the perception you can go fast and helps buffer traffic for people parked on the sides,” he said

The city is also adding more public parking signage later in March.

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