Perry City Council discussing allowing alcohol in city parks

PERRY, Georgia (41/WMGT) – Alcohol could soon be served at Perry city facilities including city parks. Perry City Council is scheduled to discuss the topic at their next meeting.

However, not all residents are as eager as city officials are about the proposal.

Perry City Councilman, William Jackson says he wants to hear all of the facts before making a decision to allow alcohol in city facilities and parks.

“If we were ever to allow it, it would be by exception only,” said Jackson. “It would not be all yes and all no. It’s hard to legislate morality and what some people call morality.”

City Manager, Lee Gilmour is working to develop a criteria to present to the council, and how they should evaluate applications for serving or selling alcohol.

“I think the final determination from council was that as long as it is controlled and it is reviewed
and it’s not automatically allowed as a matter of right, that there is a place for that and it should be allowed in perry,” said Gilmour.

City Councilman, Joe Posey told me over the phone, he has caught some flack about alcohol in the parks but says the city needs the revenue.

Residents like Shawn Williams and Eric Lester have mixed feelings about the issue.

“I believe it’s a bad idea to buy or serve alcohol in city parks, due to I believe it’s best served in establishments like bars, and not in a park with kids cause this is basically their area and it shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol,” said Shawn Williams.

However, Lester does not have a problem with serving alcohol in parks or city facilities.

“I think it will be a great idea if alcohol would be served in the parks and as long as the kids don’t have an event going on in that particular area,” said Lester.

Perry’s City Manager is scheduled to make his criteria presentation to the council during the next meeting on Aug. 4.

Council members may not vote on the alcohol issue until a later date.

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