Peach County High School hosts ‘Drive 4 Ur School’

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The brand new Ford cars lined the teacher’s parking lot at Peach County High School Saturday.

There are no strings attached.

“No sales pitches whatsoever,” Peach County High School Automotive Instructor Johnny Rickerson said.

You can test drive a Ford and help out Peach County High School’s automotive program.

“This helps fund our automotive program and our engine build team within our program,” said Rickerson.

The sticker price on the Ford Focus is about 26,000 dollars, but what’s great about the event is that it doesn’t cost you a dime to test drive, and Peach County high school receives $20 each time you do.

It’s the “Drive 4 Ur School” event.

“Ford Motor Company puts on for schools and communities all over the United States,” said Rickerson.

Rickerson says $6,000 would do it.

“We’re hoping to reach our goal of 300 households,” said Rickerson.

Peach County Principal Bruce Mackey took a Ford Edge for a test drive.

“The Ford Edge has plenty of room, I’m a big guy,” said Mackey.

He said he was pumped for the students.

“This is a big event for our automotive program at the high school…and being able to travel all over the country and compete in the engine building on the engine building team–assembling and disassembling engines. It gives our kids something they can look forward to,” said Mackey.

And they get to look forward to it while looking out the windshield of a brand new Ford.

The engine building team finished second in the state at last Thursday’s competition.

They’re heading to the national competition this coming November–partially due to the funds raised on Saturday.

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