Peach County Commissioners vote for $200,000 court house security system

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Peach County Commissioners will spend a big chunk of change for an updated security system.

Commissioners voted in favor of spending a hefty $200,000 on a brand new court house security system. The vote narrowly passed 3 to 2 because there was a lot of discussion as to whether they even need something so high tech–and whether they could afford it.

The grand total was a lot to count for Peach County commissioners on Tuesday.

“We know we want to do it we were just trying to figure really the funding mechanisms,” said Commissioner Martin Mosely. He says you can’t put a price on safety.

“For a long time we’ve kind of been behind the 8 ball with some things on security. We want to help the sheriff be able to secure the court house,” Mosely continued.

That’s why he and two others voted in favor of buying the $198,000 security system for the county’s court house.

“It includes a new video system to monitor the parking lot and pretty much all of the third floor of the court house,” said County Engineer Paul Schwindler.

It would also require swipe entry for court house employees. “A new card access control system for the court house doors which will limit access at court house doors,” Schwindler added.

Mosely says it’ll bring Peach County into the current decade. “With the ‘computer age’, everything’s changing. We’ve just got to you know…come up to 2017 with our security system.”

But more than anything, Schwindler says they need it to keep up with statewide security regulations.

“The sheriff is under a mandate from the state court to secure the courthouse and this will help him meet that mandate.” Schwindler says damage from a bad storm caused many of the cameras at the courthouse to stop working so, it was only a matter of time before they replaced the old system.

The new security system will also include new cameras in a portion of the magistrate court house. SPLOST money will cover the total cost.

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