Patient with COVID-19 isolated at Hard Labor Creek State Park

ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – During a press conference with state officials and Coronavirus Task Force members, Governor Kemp and Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security (GEMA) Director, Homer Bryson, provided an update on seven emergency mobile units being deployed to Hard Labor Creek State Park in Morgan County.

A media release from Governor Kemp’s Office says, this is a precautionary measure with the state’s strategic plan to prepare for any and all scenarios as it relates to COVID-19 cases.

The Governor’s Office confirmed the first patient, a person from Cherokee County who has tested positive for the virus, has now been isolated on the state park grounds tonight, in one of the mobile units. The person was not able to isolate themselves at home, and was not in critical condition. State public health officials say Hard Labor Creek State Park would be best suited for isolation, and treated by medical professionals.

“This site was specifically chosen for its isolation from the general public and ability to house mobile units in the short term,” said GEMA Director Homer Bryson. “State public health staff will monitor the individual’s progress and work together with state law enforcement to ensure the safety of the community and the patient.”

The isolated site at Hard Labor Creek State Park is closed to public access, and closely monitored twenty-four hours a day by state law enforcement.


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