“Out of Town” Roofing Companies Target Damaged Homes

If you’re a Middle Georgia homeowner with roof damage on your hands from the storms earlier this week, hiring an “out of town” company who promises to repair your roofing needs may not always be the best way to go.

Elaine Swisher has been able to weather the storms, but her wallet hasn’t always fared so well.

“Some of my friends had American Shingles come to their house, they had put a new roof on their house and of course it was refer a friend, get cheaper rates and we had seen some of the roofs put on and we thought they were a legit company.”

People in the roofing business know them as “storm chasers,” but to consumers they’re just roofing companies who say they’ll get the job done.

“We are being slammed again by companies from out of town and again looking at people getting ripped off,” explained owner of Bland Roofing, Ronnie Bland.

Bland Roofing has seen the mess caused by both the storms and the “out of town” companies who promise to replace your roof.

“If you use a company that’s not local, a few years down the road or even 6 months down the road if you have a leak or any issues concerning the roof they’re not going to be here to take care of their warranty,” said office manager Tiffany Ragan.

Questionable companies who aren’t local and convince you to use their service by offering additional incentives, are about as unpredictable as the weather.

Don’t let discounts and freebies determine the kind of service you choose. A couple of hundred dollars off, could mean thousands of dollars down the road.

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