Organizers and county officials in Macon prepare for National Voter Registration Day

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day and Macon’s Chapter of the NAACP and NPHC is spending the day trying to get hundreds of people registered to vote.

It’s a right at one point not everyone had.

“For years people were not able to vote, you know we didn’t have the right to vote so now that we have the right to vote–your vote is your voice,” said NAACP political chair Maria Bryant.

Macon’s NAACP and NPHC chapters are trying to get more people to use their voice by registering to vote.

“When we vote we are helping to make an impact in our local community and our state elections,” said NPHC President Gregory Brown.

The two organizations set up polling locations across the county as a part of Voter Registration Day.

“If you don’t vote you really don’t have a voice of what goes on in the community,” Bryant told 41NBC.

After low voter turn out in previous elections, they hope it will make a difference.

“During the May election overall we had like a 22% voter turn out and in Macon we have 96,000 registered voters who are eligible to vote,” she explained.

This November Georgians won’t just be casting their votes in an election to decide on local issues.

“Many Americans can make their voices heard in the midterm elections on the state level,” Brown said.

They’ll also be participating in a historic gubernatorial election.

“We want that turn out to be a lot higher for this race,” Bryant continued.

It’s a right all American citizens now have in their hands. Organizers in Macon are hoping with a little push, they’ll use it.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday October 9th. Statewide early voting starts October 15th and will go on until November 2nd.

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