One Year, Eleven Books

Photo courtesy of WXIA

(WXIA/NBC News)  In 2019, Earnest Lewis took a break from Georgia State University, but he couldn’t take a break from all the ideas in his mind. He started writing short stories for children, filled with uplifting themes.

Lewis’s stories started getting published, and he kept getting ideas.

“I figured, why not? I couldn’t let them go to waste,” he says.

He decided to keep writing; he finished 11 books last year. A majority of his books are part of an Imagination Series, aimed at helping children’s mental health and minority communities.

One of his favorites is “The Journey of the Little Brown Boy.”

“The short story focuses on this young brown boy who moved to a purple neighborhood where he saw purple everywhere. And he had to learn to overcome that and just embrace who he really was – his gift conforming to the purple society,” he explains.

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