Officials warn drivers to reduce speed in midst of wet conditions

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – With scattered storms across Middle Georgia come slippery wet roads. Lieutenant Scott Davis with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office traffic division says pouring rain means something else pouring in on gloomy days.

“I’ve personally worked several I worked one right off the rip because the guys were already busy out on calls,” said Davis.
Calls about car accidents on Tuesday flooded the department. Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Harris Blackwood says high speeds on slippery roads are to blame.
“People don’t allow enough room to stop and they can’t slow down and they crash into a happens all too often sometimes drivers lose control and they go off the road,” he said.

Lieutenant Davis says days with lighter rain can be more dangerous simply because of drivers not taking the same precaution.

“When you think you can see clear enough, even when it’s wet, and it’s drizzling a bit you think you can see clear enough you have a tendency to drive like you’re under normal conditions but those aren’t normal conditions,” said Davis.
“That water is settling on the roadway, your tires are generally designed to channel water, but they can only channel so much water and then you’re going to hydroplane,” said Davis.

Blackwood says he’s got one message for anyone driving on roads while wet.

“First of all…number one: SLOW DOWN…stopping and starting is going to take more traction and you’re losing traction so slow down,” he said.

Davis says he recommends driving with heightened sensitivity to slippery roads.

“Give yourself time, You can’t brake the same way you in in climate weather  when the roads are wet…you have to give yourself more time and distance.”
His goal is keeping the department’s phone lines dry even when the conditions are wet. Because you probably won’t find any ‘slippery while wet signs’ on any roads out there, Davis says it’s up to drivers to be aware of their speeds.
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