Nunn strategy leaked, campaign responds

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Michelle Nunn’s campaign is on the defense this week, after the National Review website published the team’s strategy for Nunn’s U.S. Senate race. Several lines of it point out Nunn’s “lightweight” perception. 

The document breaks down every possible scenario, demographic, and even how the candidate, Nunn, should handle speaking with the media. 

41NBC reached out to Nunn’s campaign headquarters in Atlanta. Campaign manager, Jeff DiSantis told us, “This was a draft of a document that was written eight months ago. Like all good plans, they change. But what hasn’t changed and is all the more clear today is that Michelle’s opponents are going to mischaracterize her work and her positions, and part of what we’ve done is to prepare for the false things that are going to be said.  Michelle has always sought to run a campaign that brings people together and gets Washington focused on the real challenges the country faces. And that’s the kind of Senator she’ll be.” 

National Review reporter, Eliana Johnson, pointed out in her article that Nunn’s charity, Points of Light has given money to thousands of charities and non-profit organizations, one of which is a group tied with Hamas. 

The document also outlines Nunn’s outreach effort for the state and explains how the campaign plans to get enough votes to win the race. Categorized as “key constituency outreach”, it gives a specific a breakdown of several different race and ethnic demographics, possible leaders in each category, and expectations of various voting blocks.  For example, the document outlines how it will target the black vote in Georgia.  “The African American constituency group is working to define ways to generate passion and enthusiasm about this race from within the black community. This group will coordinate with the broader Political team to ensure synchronization in the engagement of African American clergy as well as current and former elected officials, individuals that serve as critical validators in this constituency group. Additionally, they will collaborate with the college student and young professionals constituency groups to engaging younger members of the community.”

The memos point out several “pushback” points for Nunn, in anticipation that her opponents say that she is “too liberal” or “not a real Georgian.” 

Nathan Click, the communications director with the campaign, calls those claims false, saying she was born in Georgia and “only lived in Washington because her father was one of the men representing the state.” He added that Nunn has lived in Georgia for the last 25 years. 

41NBC has not heard from Nunn or her campaign handlers as to what the candidate will do next. 

According to National Review, the strategy document was apparently mistakenly published online by the campaign some time ago. 

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