No Vote Yet for Twiggs County Landfill

Today’s public meeting in front of the Twiggs County Board of Commissioners allowed concerned citizens to speak their mind about rezoning part of the Wolf Creek Landfill. But the Board never made it to a vote.

After being presented with new information concerning adverse affects to the ground water, the board decided it needed more time to review the new facts.

This proposal would allow Advanced Disposal, who owns the Wolf Creek Landfill, to rezone 124 acres of land next to the current landfill for a storage ground of non-waste materials.

Materials like concrete, asphalt, mulch, and storm drains. Advanced Disposal says the new site will not simply be an expansion of the current landfill for waste material.

Jerry Fincher lives close to the proposed site, and he says his concern is the materials will just sit on the ground, and get into his well water. Water he uses every day in his house.

Fincher said, “Their going to let it rain on it, water is going to leak into the ground. It might not happen in my lifetime. But in the future it’s going to happen.”

The proposal has been tabled until Friday at 9:00a.m. when the board will meet again to vote.

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