New security cameras could be in the works as Monroe County parks grow

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Recreation officials in Monroe County are boosting up security. 

Employees are trying to prevent incidents, like car break-ins and vandalism, from happening at parks in the area.

When you drive into Monroe County’s recreation complex, the first thing you might say is it’s pretty big. 

Recreation Director Keith Edge is well aware. 

“Any given spring night or weekend we’ll have an estimated 2000 people here at the park,” Edge said. 

He’s looking to add on more security cameras, $18,000 worth, to keep up with the large amount of space. 

“We want our community and our citizens to feel safer when they come out here,” Edge said. 

He adds, the total number of incidents that have happened in the parking lots, or even inside the buildings, are only three…and he wants to keep that number small. 

“We would just want to be able to provide some security or some comfort for the citizens as they’re out here utilizing the park,” Edge said. 

Sports Director Julius Stroud says in the year he’s been apart of the department, he’s seen attendance skyrocket by the hundreds.

“As long as we have our same staff at hand, we’ll continue to grow,” Stroud said. 

The complex’s popularity along with quick access to the interstate, Stroud things, could attract criminals with sticky fingers.

“We want to make sure that any time a person steps on this park they’re safe,” Stroud said. 

He says the additional cameras are a precaution so everyone can enjoy the fun, safely. 

“We’re trying to take all of steps necessary to make sure that we are proactive, we are making sure that people are safe, and their property is safe, and also that we are safe out here as well,” Stroud said. 

The recreation department’s board of directors has to approve the money for the additional cameras. 

All of it would be paid for using penny sales tax dollars. 

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