New Dublin principal ‘knocks’ his way to greet parents, students

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One new Dublin City Schools’ principal is introducing himself to his students and their parents in a unique way.

“We care here at Moore Street,” Brian Howell, Moore Street School’s principal, said.

It’s a simple message for Howell.

“And at the end of the day, this is someone that’s going to reach out to us and make that extra step,” he said.

Step-by-step, knock-by-knock.

“I’m in a smaller environment. So that allows me to go see more students, so I said you know I’m going to go door-to-door,” Howell said.

He’s the new leader at the alternative school in Dublin and has made it a goal to introduce himself to as many parents in the school’s district as he can.

“It gives a better relationship because we know, a lot of times, as far as dealing with our students and stuff, when the student sees the principal something is wrong. Now we’re going to start off with a good note with them,” Howell said.

As product of Dublin City Schools himself, Howell wants to build relationships with his students’ and those who look after them.

Since he’s started knocking, Howell says he’s been getting positive feedback.

“What can we do? Can you help us? And the thing about it is, they’re in their comfort zone,” Howell said, reflecting on the feedback he’s received from parents.

It’s putting them in a comfort zone, Howell hopes builds his students’ character.

“Treat kids fairly, try to get them on the right track, try to get them graduated and try to get them a plan as far as what they’re going to do when they make that right or that left off that graduation stage,” he said.

It’s an achievement Howell wants to plant a seed for on day one, and it all begins with a knock and a smile.

“A handshake just makes such a, I think, a great thing and just such a positive thing to start out every day,” Howell said.

Howell says he’d like to meet all of his students’ parents by the end of September.

Dublin City Schools’ first day of classes is on August 5.


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