MWA: Measures in place to prevent water crisis similar to Flint

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Macon’s Water Authority is assuring residents the drinking water in the county is safe. As the nation watches the crisis in Flint, Michigan, the director for water treatment for the county says there are measures in place to prevent local water from becoming toxic.”This is something like I’ve never seen before,” Gary McCoy, the director of water treatment, said.

He says when you’ve been recognized for how good tour water tastes, you have to back it up for safety.

“We purchased enough land to be a buffer in case. No one can actually build or construct any kind of fertilizer plant or gas station to contaminate the water,” McCoy said.

McCoy says the Flint water crisis in Michigan is tough to watch unfold. Acidic waters corroded lead pipes — contaminating drinking water for thousands.

The 13-year director claims that won’t happen in Macon.

“We have a lot of protocols in place to prevent that from happening,” McCoy said.

The water authority holds 5.8 billion gallons of water from the Ocmulgee River in its reservoir. It then gets treated, filtered, and disinfected.

“This is a great water supply because once we pump this water from the Ocmulgee River, it can sit up in this lake a couple of months before it’s actually being treated,” McCoy said.

While iron may be what Macon’s pipes are made of, McCoy points out the pipes are still new and far from breaking down.

“We would still be safe because we keep a balanced pH and the water we’re producing to the customers is not acidic to actually remove the lead from aging piping,” he said.

Leaving what he calls a good taste that won’t harm your family.

On top the water authority’s own testing, they send water samples to the state every three to five years to test for lead in the water as a preventative measure.


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