Monroe County commissioners developing plans for water line system for Juliette

JULIETTE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The fight for clean water in Juliette continues, as Monroe County commissioners look for ways to combat the water crisis.

Commissioners are testing wells near Plant Sherer and throughout the county to see if the coal ash problem comes from the plant, or a county-wide issue.

Either way, commissioners say they’re ready to take the issue to President Donald Trump, if necessary.

“It seems pretty clear we have a problem. The question now is the scope of the problem,” Commissioner George Emami said.

The Monroe County Commission Office has a room decorated in maps, findings, and water contamination solutions for Juliette and the county.

“It does seem like several wells in the area have been testing hot for Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6). Whether they’re correlated to the plant, or not, it does seem like we have an issue with wells out there,” he said.

Emami says the commissioners just found out there’s a problem with the water. Therefore, they’ll continue supplying clean-water tanks.

Georgia Power sent an information flyer to Juliette residents

It says:

“There has been a lot of discussion and concern in the Juliette community regarding our ash pond closure at Plant Scherer and whether it is causing any impact to drinking water in the area. We take any concerns you may have very seriously. I want to assure you that based on the extensive information we have collected, there is no evidence that our operations at Plant Scherer are causing impacts to our neighbors’ drinking water in Juliette or Monroe County.”

Commissioners are also developing a plan for a water line to bring Juliette residents clean drinking water from Forsyth. The project would cost nearly $30 million, but if the well water is a county-wide problem, Emami says it will cost a lot more and they will need federal dollars.

During Tuesday’s commission meeting, Monroe County commissioners will discuss a resolution to present to lawmakers for House Bill 756 and Senate Bill 297. Both would require Georgia Power to install a lining for its coal ash.

The meeting starts at six.

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