Monroe County Animal Services at capacity

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NVC/WMGT) —An animal shelter in Forsyth is filled to capacity with dogs. Monroe County Animal Services wants you to adopt a new furry friend. Looking for rescues and adoptions to happen,” said director of the animal services facility Dawn Kennedy.

Kennedy says right now, they have over 23 dogs which is their limit. She says the facility receives a number of dogs every day. We were over full as of yesterday and the day before we had some reclaims,” said Kennedy.

But that is not always the case.Some of them are dogs that we picked up. The owners don’t come reclaim them. They’re not micro-chipped and we can not find them,” explained the director.

The other half of the dogs are usually strays. Kennedy says the facility holds the dogs as long as possible. But if there’s no luck, they have to go to the last resort.Euthanasia and that would be for space but we almost never have to do that,” shared Kennedy.

The director explains they euthanize less than 10% of their intake, which is not many. She says that rate could be less if you adopt.

And the best part is, every dog is trainable. Monroe County Animal Services says if you and your potential new pal don’t work out, you can bring them back.

If you would like to adopt: Call Monroe County Animal Services at 478-993-1032.

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