Mom to Mom: Tips for teaching your teen how to drive

In this segment of Mom to Mom, Mandy is going to teach you how to teach your teen how to drive without losing your sanity.

Tip number one — Practice in an empty parking lot

Pick an empty parking lot that has the least obstacles possible. That way they can practice parking, backing up, and all sorts of things to get ready for the highway.

Tip two — Practice often

Practice every day. Most parents are tired after a long day of working, but they need to make time for their kids’ practicing.

Tip number three — Have more than one teacher

Having two or more teachers are better than one. So if you have a close friend that is willing to work with them, that would be perfect. This can help lower parents’ stress level.

Tip number four — Control your emotions

Try to keep those emotions in check. Yelling does not help. If you’re feeling stressed out, angry, or upset, it’s going to do nothing but upset your child. Then it’s dangerous for everyone involved.

Tip number five — Expect mistakes

Expect those oops moments to happen. Remember, your teen is just starting to learn how to drive, so they’re not going to be perfect. Make sure you do a review when you’re finished. Talk about the positives, the negatives, and remember they’re your kids and we love them.

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